A60 Concept

True Blue Blood.

True Blue Blood.

Besides it’s dignified design and strong lines, A60 concept is constantly in harmony with nature. equipped with cutting edge technologies and next generation ideas. Inspired by a major event that changed the world and shaped our future; Apollo Program.

60 feet concept is combining many different ideas together unlike any other. starting from graphene material which used for superstructure. It is thousand times stronger than steel, lighter than most materials and it can reduce the drag by 50%. It designed as one-way transparent to have full daylight experience inside yacht without exposing interior. This feature can be controlled to change opacity and light level inside the yacht, also It can store the energy which collected directly from sunlight to power itself.

Drone surfing.

Another characteristic idea is Cognoscente has a satellite drone specially designed for gathering information, transport of goods, rescuing and surfing.

The Powerdul Attitude

Strong lines running all the way from bow to stern defines the main characteristics of the yacht.

Maximum Comfort

Interior is fully customizable and spacious enough for maximum comfort. Stern is designed as a space that could feature many different lifestyle combinations and allows the owners to create their own environment based on their interests.