Officina Armare
Playground of imagination and fantasy.
43 meter BadGal is not just a luxury yacht, it’s a playground of imagination and fantasy where you can relax and excape from the stress. She is boasting clean, essential and stramlined exterior lines, enchancing its sporty yet elegant manner. The project combines Officina Armare studio’s recognizable style, characterized by powerful arched sides.

The exterior design is the most fascinating feature of the yacht.

The exterior design is the most fascinating feature of the yacht, simply for the fact that it is unique in its own right. The profile view shows two amazing and huge black windows with a high sheer line, running all the way from bow to stern, that helps to define the powerful attitude.

Moreover, the glass dome-shaped upper deck adds to the incredible sleek exteriors of this yacht and the sporty look is emphasised by keeping an ordinary bow shape, giving the vessel a feel of speed and quickness.
Officina Armare BadGal 8 scaled
Officina Armare BadGal 10 scaled
Powerful attitude.

BadGal is powered by double MTU 12V 4000CM93L engines to push the yacht to the astounding top
speed of 29+ knots. Furthermore, in order to leave more space in the lower deck, a v-drive transmission configuration has been chosen, reducing the engine room area. The decision to go for a planing hull may seem in contrast with the latest trend of building the majority of yachts capable to get on long range journeys at the desired cruise speed, but the striking design of this vessel represents the main aspect in which all the project revolves around.

Giving credit to this project, the solution of hiding the bow mooring equipment under the upper deck flooring results in an innovative and brave answer to the problem of combining the space needed for the mooring system and keeping a smooth over-all design with the ordinary bow shape.
Officina Armare BadGal 5 scaled
The Interior
interior is designed to provide the utmost luxurious comfort. The yacht showcases an incredible aesthetic using the finest woods, stones and metals. BadGal features a superb layout, which guarantees total privacy and relaxation at sea within a luxurious, modern and efficient yacht. 
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