The Bad Girl of the Seas.

There is always something exciting when getting to know a new yacht that just come out
from the designers’ hands. A new design represents always a good input for the industry,
as well as for the young designers who are approaching the naval field. Surely, any new
design may feel like a novelty, but in the case of BadGal it can be said, without doubt, we
are in the presence of some small innovative features that makes this yacht eye-catching.
BadGal is developed by the team ‘Versus’. The team of five was composed and the concept was designed by Armagan Cakir.

The exterior design is the most fascinating feature of the yacht, simply for the fact that it is
unique in its own right. The profile view shows two amazing and huge black windows with a
contour line that connects the upper to the lower one, creating a fake intake similar to a side
pod of a car, with a high sheer line, running all the way from bow to stern, that helps to define
the powerful attitude.

Moreover, the glass dome-shaped upper deck adds to the incredible sleek exteriors of this
yacht and the sporty look is emphasised by keeping an ordinary bow shape, giving the
vessel a feel of speed and quickness. Giving credit to this project, the solution of hiding the
bow mooring equipment under the upper deck flooring results in an innovative and brave
answer to the problem of combining the space needed for the mooring system and keeping
a smooth over-all design with the ordinary bow shape, unlike the choice of developing a
reverse bow.

Life-changing experience: being on board of BadGal.

The 41.5 metres length-over-all motor yacht owner is a female music producer from the
Netherlands, who commissioned her boat to be as fast as possible in the range of 40 metres
LOA. In the design process, it was not important the range in nautical miles, but the speed achieved by the yacht: that is why the team opted for a planing hull, which permitted the two
MTU 12V 4000CM93L engines to push the yacht to the astounding top speed of 29 knots.
Furthermore, in order to leave more space in the lower deck, the team chose a v-drive
transmission configuration, reducing the engine room area.
The decision to go for a planing hull may seem in contrast with the latest trend of building
the majority of yachts capable to get on long range journeys at the desired cruise speed, but
the striking design of this vessel represents the main aspect in which all the project revolves
around. The focus, according to the team, who had to manage the task of pleasing the client,
was to propose a show-off yacht rather than the usability of it.

BadGal at sunset.
BadGal and her tender cruising at high speed side-by-side.

Ideation Sketch

The General Arrangement of BadGal.

The yacht features three decks in her interiors, to be able to accommodate her owner in the
huge master’s cabin, located in the main deck, plus 8 people in 4 cabins in the lower deck,
each with a private bathroom. She can also house 6 crew members in 3 crew cabins with
bunk beds in the lower deck and the captain’s cabin in the upper deck.