İzmir Town Hall Proposal.

While designing the municipal structure, the form was not determined and approached by creating a new problem. On the contrary, in line with the program given, it has been constructed with an understanding of design from inside-out, taking into account some contextual elements (light, orientation, square, Mediterranean climate…). The municipality units, which are used extensively by the local people, are planned on the ground floor and directly related floors. The Municipal Council and the secondary functions serving it are planned on the 1st floor.
In line with the transparent and participatory municipal management approach, the council has been structured as a people’s assembly. It was predicted that the residents of the region could also attend the council sessions, and the municipal council and the secondary functions that serve it were designed in an easily accessible point, in a way that they could establish visual contact with the square in the north.
Other directorates and offices specified in line with the program are planned on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, taking into account the order of density and accessibility. The protocol with the mayor, his assistants and legal counsel is located on the 6th floor, overlooking the environment. The cafeteria serving municipal employees was planned on the 1st basement floor.
The cafeteria and the open office functions of the Municipal Police Department on the 1st basement floor benefit from daylight through skylights / light tubes lined up in line with the northeast facade of the municipality building.