Officina Armare


Interdisciplinarity, considered as the new quality standard, is the application or combination of knowledge from different disciplines and fields. In the age of connectivity and collaboration, interdisciplinarity is often described as leading to greater creativity. Consisting of a collective team of experienced and keen deigners, naval architects and interior designers, styling and construction go hand in hand and enables us to push design to ever new limits.

We think with a purpose. Any project we work on starts with fully analyzing and articulating the issue at hand.

We focus on what ought to be, and less on what is feasible or market-proven.
We challenge the existing status quo and work on an alternative creative solution.

Throughout our process, we continuously analyze, synthesize and evaluate our approach, whilst moving between the brief and the solution.

We think about the object in relation to space and time and we use the prototype mindset to think about different scales – from abstract master plans to 1:1 concrete details.

Our strength lies in our ability to combine unlimited resources, from people, fields, styles, and geographies.

Our team consists of designers who all come from different backgrounds with different passions and specialties.
Collectively we experiment to achieve integrated, coherent, and high-quality design solutions.

To us, interdisciplinary means challenging traditional ways of thinking. It allows our creative team to experiment with new approaches to problem-solving, looking closely at how different industries work.
This helps us to find innovative solutions to briefs.

The diversity of our work results from a consistency of approach and ideation, which when tempered by setting and client needs produces a rich variation of response.

We look beyond the boundaries of architecture, often to other art forms, like painting, sculpture, literature, music for inspirations and solutions.

Our work is at once situational, inextricably bound to the specifics of place and program, and universal in its broader aspirations to locate itself within the canon of modern architecture.

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