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Nautilus: The submersible superyacht by U-Boat Worx, interior design and visusalisation by Officina Armare.

The diesel-electric yacht submarine Nautilus has a depth rating of 200 meters, with a surface cruise speed of 9 knots and an underwater speed of 4 knots. When functioning as a yacht, the Nautilus will offer a massive sundeck equipped with a freshwater pool, a bar, and a luxurious dining table. This al fresco arrangement will be retracted before the submersible slips below sea level. The Nautilus presents a new class of exceptionally spacious privately-operated submarine that can carry up to 10 passengers (excluding crew) in a fully conditioned environment to a depth of 150 meters. Thanks to the abundant power supply, the Nautilus can stay submerged for up to 18 hours with 10 guests. The interior features a 50 m2 dinner and lounge area with four circular windows each with diameters close to 4 meters, a master stateroom and four guest rooms, as well as sleeping quarters for up to six crew, a gym and a fully equipped galley. 

Forward Lounge

The interior concept is mainly focusing on ‘keeping passengers connected to the land underwater’ by the design, use of materials and layout as the submarine is engineered to spend quite a long time underwater.

Foredeck Lounge is dark enough to keep the main focus on the underwater at the same time lively and warm enough to provide comfort at home on land despite the cold water surrounding it. One of the main inspiration for that space was the chalets from the Alps as they are designed to offer cozy spaces during the snowy cold winters. Comfortable low profile seating is preferred in order to provide a good view for observation and lounging also with group of people.

Sunken Lounge

Maindeck Sunken Lounge is designed 25cm’s lower than the main deck level. Provides better visibility to outside as it’s lower with a custom designed furniture. Lounge mattresses are placed on the window structure in order to create an extra functional space that could be used for reading and such activities. In this space a pop up TV screen is used in between the windows. In the observation mode, Tv is hidden and courtesy lights are synchronised with life underwater. Since the bar is located at the back, there’s direct and easy access to drinks, snacks.


Dining Area is located on the main deck front of a window with a breathtaking views, large enough to accommodate 10 people. Food is served directly from the galley on the main deck. Low-back armchairs and used floor lamps as they bring feel of dining at a larger space.


Mezzanine Observation Lounge is accessed from the grand staircase. Besides it’s observation function, it has a more private feeling and quite a good area for conducting business and meetings.

Owners Stateroom

Owners Stateroom is located on the lower foredeck and accessed from the grand staircase. Color scheme here is darker as it’s located at the lowest level of the submerine. Parametric walls turn into seating area on both sides with darker colors and smoother shapes as it goes ‘deeper into water’. Master cabin has an en suite bathroom with a bathtub and walk-in wardrobe directly accessed from inside the cabin.

Amenities (Gym & Bar)

Gym Area is located right next to elevator & staircase. The space is very dynamic because of it’s function and it’s shape. We used dynamic courtesy lights, open-access water fridge, Technogym equipment and Bang Olufsen sound system.

The Bar on the other hand is an exceptional place to hang out inside the submarine, located on the main deck right next to a window to underwater. The bar stand is designed as carved wood and dark colors are preffered for this space in order to make the view and the drinks stand out.


Guest Cabins are located on the main deck corridor. Provides an exceptional headroom and space to guests. Beds directly placed in front of the window. Room is featuring a work desk, a wardrobe and a lounge mattress on the window structure.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathrooms are carefully placed on the structure areas in between the windows, providing an exceptional head room and comfort with stand-up shower.

Elevator & Staircase

 Elevator and staircase area is designed to give the first impression to users as if they are at the bottom of the ocean by featuring a round LED display on the ground. Carbon fiber is used for the staircase structure and wall supports.



Client: U-Boat Worx
Year: 2023
Exterior Design : U-Boat Worx
Interior Design : Officina Armare
Creative & Renderings: Officina Armare
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